Saturday, January 12, 2013

How did your week go? Foggy with a chance of ...

I definitely need to figure out a way to take more pictures. My blog posts are way too boring. Sorry, I will hopefully figure out something to break up the monotony.

After last week's 9 miler, I was worried about the knee. So when I'm worried, I don't post because I don't want to admit anything can be wrong.

Rather than run my scheduled 3 miler on Sunday, I took a pseudo rest day. I did end up walk/jogging a mile while chasing Little Dude around the block on his bike. The knee felt okay, but I kept up with foam rolling and icing. I spent almost the entire evening on my feet cooking 3 different meals: chili, lasagna, and taco meat. A few meals for the week and some for the freezer while the hubby was at the Redskins playoff game.

Since Sunday was a rest day, I could run on Monday and try to make it to yoga on Tuesday. Instead of 7, I backed off and did a conservative 6 miles. Knee felt okay, bonus.

Crazy,stressful day at work, check. Gentle yoga on Tuesday, check. Preschooler gets sent to the principal's office for saying threatening words to another student, check. Mommy needs a drink, check.

The rest of the week went as planned, 5 miles on Thursday. Rest days on Wednesday and Friday.

I'm trying to remember to do my plank a day with about a 50% success rate. I really need to set an alarm of something so I can remember to do this.

So, on to Saturday's long run. I was not feeling this run at all. My dear hubby (insert sarcasm) stayed up until 1:45, which means I slept fitfully because of the TV on downstairs, then woke up when he came to bed. Then he had the nerve to snore. Not a good's night sleep, and woke up before the alarm at 6:30. I really thought about bagging it but I had the route sheets for 3 other people. And it was foggy, and I couldn't decide what to wear because it was 50 degrees.

Thanks Run Pretty Far for summing it up for me.

So, with an extra shirt option in my bag, off I went. We rolled back this week to 7 miles. Now only if we hadn't gotten lost, and made it closer to 8 miles. I ended up with 7.63 miles in 1:16. Not bad, and there were Oreos at the SAG. Glad I went, and the knee felt fine.

Fingers crossed that I am back on track. I really need to not race during a training cycle to make sure I stay healthy.

And one more thing that made me laugh out loud.

And what tricks do you use to remember to plank? I need help.


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