Sunday, March 25, 2012

One more week before the 10k

3/19 - 2 mile Run (22')
3/20 - 0.6 mile Elliptical (15') & Gluts & Abs (40')
3/21 - 3 mile run (31') - so needed this run to escape a horrific preschool meltdown
3/22 - Silent Auction with running group. I almost didn't recognize many of the girls not in running clothes. 😃
3/23 - planned day off, but lots of jumping around while watching the Tarheels
3/24 - 6 miles (68') with the Mother Runners on the reverse route for the race
3/25 - Lots of stretching and some push ups

11.6 miles
1134 calories
2:56 total time
4 workouts

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weel in Review 3/12-18

3/12 - 2 mile Run (21') - another sucky run, the cadence alarm went off way too much
3/13 - Family in town & I needed a nap from the time change
3/14 - Gluts & Abs (40') - awesome burn
3/15  - 2.5 mile run (26') - awesome run with major cadence improvement
3/16  - 0.7 mile walk (13') before UNC basketball, something is better than nothing
3/17  - 5 hilly miles (57') with the Mother Runners
 3/18 - Lots of stretching and some push ups

10.2 miles
 1299 calories
 2:33 total time
4 workouts

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A great run ... how did that happen?

I am happy to say that I finally had a great run.  I was scheduled for 2.5 and it was too beautiful to be anywhere outside, but 86 is a little much for this time of the year.  I would like to see a little of Spring.

I also went into the run thinking this is all about turnover.  Too often when the cadence alarm goes off on my watch, I try to think through my form and undo something that doesn't feel right.  I am rarely successful in doing this and getting my cadence back up to where it should be.  Yes, I might improve a little bit but not completely.

So, new methodology here on out for this training cycle.  If the cadence alarm goes off, I WILL stop running and walk. Not for long, but enough time to reset what I am doing and get back to closer to 180 SPM.  When I'm at 170-180 SPM, I don't hurt.  I just need to be strong enough to stay at that rate.

So with that focus today, the ONLY time the alarm went off for the entire 2.5 miles was when I stopped at an intersection. And the crazier part of the part, I got faster each split.  And I was trying to go slower.  The only data I have showing on my Garmin is the cadence and pace, and that's because I usually need to go slower.

1st mile - 10:30 avg pace
2nd mile - 10:16
Last 1/2 mile - 10:00

And NO pain.

I'm not even sure what to do with this, other than be super excited for my 5 mile run on Saturday.  And remember that I WILL walk when I need to walk.

Jilly Bean

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week in Review

3/5 - Planned Rest
3/6 - 2.01 mile Run (21')
3/7 - Gluts & Abs (40') & Elliptical (10')
3/8  - Unplanned rest - too much work and family in town visiting
3/9  - ACC Basketball - I got some exercise jumping around in front of the tv
3/10 - 4.1 mile run (46') - horrible run, lots of hills, couldn't find my cadence
3/11 - Lots of stretching and some push ups

6.1 miles
956 calories
1:57 total time
3 workouts

What went well:  Made the choice to do the strengthening rather than logging the miles.  I must do this to get stronger and keep the pain away.
What went wrong:  The long run sucked.  I know 4 miles is not long for most runners, but this is baby steps for me.  I need to learn when I can't get my cadence to realize it's okay to walk and reset what I'm doing.  I think if I can do that, I can run longer without stressing my ITB.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week in Review 2/27-3/4

2/27 - 2.01 mile Run (21')
2/28 - Elliptical (15') & glut and core strengthening (40')
2/29 - 2.01 mile Run (21')
3/1   - 2.59 mile Walk (42'). Gorgeous day for an outside walk.
3/2   - Planned rest day  - well day home sick with no voice.
3/3   - I decided to take another day off while I battled sinus/throat issues.
3/4   - 4.1 mile (Run 42') treadmill run with haywire GPS that thought I was outside.

11.28 miles
987 calories
3:01 total time
5 workouts

In a fog

Allergies have descended into my sinuses and throat like a thick fog. My voice started going on Friday, so for once I did the wise thing and stayed home. I was able to get quite a few projects done that normally I can't at work due to interruptions. Wish I could have 1-2 days a month working from home, but usually too many meetings for that to work.

Anyway, back to the story. I skipped Saturday's group run because they were calling for morning rain. I didn't feel too bad when I woke, but running in the rain was probably not a good idea. We laid low most of the day including a little family movie time to see The Lorax. Then the excitement started. I am a die-hard Tarheel fan and UNC had their final regular season game at Duke. UNC lost a heartbreaker last month on a last second shot, so they needed redemption last night. They found it with an 18 point win on Duke's Senior Night. And now I am back with a scratchy voice from cheering them on.

I tossed and turned last night with a sore throat and stopped up nose. When we all were up, hubby left for a short trail run. Now what am I going to do? The temps were in the low 40s, so usually perfect running weather, but I opted for the treadmill instead to help keep me away from any more pollen.

I nailed the first mile with my cadence between 178-180. Then I noticed my pace was over 20 minutes per mile. What the heck? My fancy watch thought I was outside instead of on the treadmill. I reset my watch for the last 2.5 miles. I averaged 174 for that distance with only a little glut/ITB awareness.

I'm glad I didn't let my head get the best of me and completely bail on any workout today. I really went into the run thinking I would stop after the first mile if I wasn't feeling it. And that just didn't happen ... stopping that is.