Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting started

I decided to start running two years ago for a couple of reasons. I knew that I needed a fitness outlet for me, and I really wanted to find something a friend and I could do together. I heard about a local running group run by a Stroller Strides franchise. The group was called "Run like a mother", and it sounded like something we could do as we trained our way to a 10k.

Fast forward 2 years. Now three of the great ladies I brought into this running adventure have completed 2-3 10ks, 2 half-marathons and a couple of other races sprinkled in. I have completed 3 10ks and 1 8k while battling an ITB injury. I have seen 2 PTs and even broke down to see a chiropractor. I overstride, have a weak glut medius, rear foot strike, and any other number of things that make my ITB screaming protest.

So, here is my journey to run without pain. I have a plan, but the question is can I make it work while balancing a crazy, busy life?

Jilly Bean