Friday, May 31, 2013

What not to do before you run a half marathon!

Accessory to the crime. Just look how dirty that thing is. Screams criminal.

How can I be such a klutz? I got through a long spring racing season with minimal ITB issues, no colds or illnesses, otherwise all healthy. That is until three days before my last race before the Fall. Oh well, at least I keep things interesting.

Thank goodness for the plethora of sports medicine docs in my hometown. One was able to squeeze me into his schedule yesterday. I was begging him to just please drain it. Little did I know the technology has vastly improved from my athletic training days. He whipped out this little tool, drained out the blood, and instant relief. Woohoo!

So, the verdict for today. I'm guilty as charged of being a klutz. The iPad will get a thorough cleaning for being a dirty accessory to the crime. And the poor victim looks like rather black, blue, and green, but is otherwise healing nicely. I just hope for a decent recovery before 7 am tomorrow.

And because I am a nerd, just how many times will toe hit the ground over the course of a half marathon?

90 foot strikes on the left per minute X 120 minutes to complete a half = 108,000 hits.

Wish me luck.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Long Run with Hubby Support

So it's taper time for next week's half in Annapolis. We were out of town for a few days at my inlaws, and I needed to get 6 miles in. This is definitely on the shorter end of my long runs these days. Never thought those words would come out of my mouth. Being out of town meant no run with my buddies that I have come to rely on these last several months.

My inlaws live in the middle of nowhere. It's quiet and peaceful and very flat, think pancakes. If I head out from their house and take a right, I can get three miles before hitting the main road. Perfect for a 6 miler except for I am now spooked. You don't see any, make that no, runners out here, but you see lots of hunters. I wish I didn't think this way but a run where I am looking over my shoulder the entire time is not how I envision a peaceful time.

This is where hubby became my hero this weekend. He got to use his new toy, a fat tire bike with a borrowed basket. He kept calling himself my mobile SAG. He was so proud of himself.

Just a really cool shot. We are in the middle of nowhere.

Pretend you only see the cows and beautiful day in the background. There is no heel striking and over-striding here. Nope, you don't see any of that. I promise as soon as this half is over, I'm going to have a gait analysis and start back on my core strengthening. If I don't, someone please smack me.

The mandatory action shot.

And the staged shot to show off the bike. I have one awesome hubby to cruise around and keep me company for 6 miles. Thanks and love you dude.

The other crazy part about this run. I purposely waited until 11:00 am to run so it would be warmer. Next week in Annapolis, the low is 70 and a high of 80, and I was not successful at any heat acclimation with this run. I'm not sure what's going on with this crazy weather, I only wish it would last one week. This girl is going to melt into a puddle.

And thanks Emma, the new Lucy top was awesome. Cool and comfortable, lots of pockets, just wish it wasn't quite so see through. The hubby liked that part. ;)

And because my hubby made the effort to video me. Please ignore me adjusting my shorts. Oh well.