Thursday, July 5, 2012

Liquid Awesome

I have gotten up early two mornings in a row - while we are on vacation. What has gotten in to me? Well, other than trying to escape the heat in any way we can.

Yesterday, I did 10 miles with the hubs on the bike. He went back out to ride a few more miles while I headed back to practice riding through cul-de-sac. They freak me out, and I can't believe I'm contemplating doing a triathlon through too many short neighborhoods. I survived the turnarounds and some gravel in about 48 minutes.

So today I planned a 3 mile out and back while the hubs planned on biking again. It was 81 degrees when I headed out. Ugh. 3 miles in just under 30 minutes. I think I ran faster just so I could get to the shade. Average steps per minute = 176 in my new Brooks

Can you feel the liquid awesome? My hubs said this is the first time he really saw sweat on me in 12 years. Again hubs, it's not sweat.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy day

After watching a little Tour de France this morning, I hopped onto the trainer to do some bike intervals. I am slowly adding in a mix of speed with distance. Today was 5.5 miles with 4 30 second sprints mixed in for just under 23 minutes.

Then the fun began. I got to take my new Brooks Pure Connects for a spin at the gym. They felt so light, loved them. I only went a mile in right over 10 minutes with an average cadence of 178 steps per minute.

I slipped the Brooks off and went back to my New Balance to finish off the run. They felt like clodhoppers after the light weight Brooks. The plan was to do 3 miles, but I felt a slight tweak at my ITB during the bike sprints. I did the smart thing and stopped at 2 miles total.

I finished up with 17 minutes on the Octane elliptical for another 2.12 miles. 9.6 miles for the day, and I felt great. After some fun times with friends and my husband this evening, I did knock out my 83 push-ups (on my knees). I am using the push up app on my phone, and loving the progress I have made.

I also behaved by icing the knee twice. Fingers crossed for no issues tomorrow.

Run happy.