Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy day

After watching a little Tour de France this morning, I hopped onto the trainer to do some bike intervals. I am slowly adding in a mix of speed with distance. Today was 5.5 miles with 4 30 second sprints mixed in for just under 23 minutes.

Then the fun began. I got to take my new Brooks Pure Connects for a spin at the gym. They felt so light, loved them. I only went a mile in right over 10 minutes with an average cadence of 178 steps per minute.

I slipped the Brooks off and went back to my New Balance to finish off the run. They felt like clodhoppers after the light weight Brooks. The plan was to do 3 miles, but I felt a slight tweak at my ITB during the bike sprints. I did the smart thing and stopped at 2 miles total.

I finished up with 17 minutes on the Octane elliptical for another 2.12 miles. 9.6 miles for the day, and I felt great. After some fun times with friends and my husband this evening, I did knock out my 83 push-ups (on my knees). I am using the push up app on my phone, and loving the progress I have made.

I also behaved by icing the knee twice. Fingers crossed for no issues tomorrow.

Run happy.


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  1. I am love with your shoes. I just wish they were wide enough for my oddly weird feet. Great job!