Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week Recap 2/20-26

2/20 - 2.01 mile Run (21') and survived in a regular bra. Need to start double-checking my gym bag.
2/21 - Skipped this two weeks in a row. I must take better care of my butt.
2/22 - 2.01 mile Run (21') with a consistent cadence. I WILL figure out how to get this cadence thing down.
2/23 - 2.52 mile Walk (45'). Should have been outside for this one because the weather was gorgeous, but didn't leave work earlier enough to be in daylight. :(
2/24 - Planned rest day
2/25 - SCAN 5k 3.14 mile Run (32') awful wind and a three lap course weren't great, and the ITB wasn't happy at the end. But great cause against child abuse and my little guy ran is first one mile race. Made it all worth it.
2/26 - 60' Intermediate Yoga for Runners video. Oh my gosh. Tough lunge series, but just what I needed.

Only one missed workout, but must get those strength exercises in this week.

9.68 miles
809 calories
3:00 total time
5 workouts

Saturday, February 25, 2012

5K Recap

I ran my first 5K since 2004 on Saturday.  It fit in perfectly with the mileage for our 10K training and it was for a great cause.  The sponsor was a local group who helps child abuse vicitms.  Since it was a flat course, I thought it would be great if little dude ran the 1 mile kid's run.

So we bundled up.  I swear that it felt like the winds were 40 mph, but maybe they were closer to 30 mph.

Little dude did great running his mile at 14:01 with some help from Dad.  He stopped to walk 3 times which I thought was terrific for a 4 year old.

My time was 32:30 which wasn't bad since I was working harder to keep at the right cadence than anything else.  My first mile was too fast and I started feeling some discomfort at my hip, so I slowed it down and focused on my turnover.

1 mile: 10:02
2 mile: 10:37
3 mile: 10:32
0.14 mile: 9:41
Average: 10:22

If only I wasn't freezing or at some points running tilted to one side.  It was an adventure. 

We took some shots when we got home and had thawed slightly.

The family that foam rolls together, stays together.  All in all, we had fun and hope to do it again when it is warmer and less windy.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week Recap 2/13-2/19

I am trying to hold myself more accountable for getting in all my planned exercise.  So here goes:

2/13 - 3.06 mile Run (33') terrific cadence
2/14 - Unplanned rest day, should have been abs/gluts day
2/15 - 2.19 mile Run (24') last day of run/walk intervals
2/16 - Another unplanned rest day, let work get in the way of walking
2/17 - Planned rest day
2/18 - 2.06 mile Run (22') this was almost too easy. First run without intervals in way too long.
2/19 - Planned rest, wasn't brave enough to try a hip hop class this morning.

Gotta do better next week.

7.21 miles
641 calories
1:19 total time
3 workouts

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week Recap 2/6-12

I am trying to hold myself more accountable for getting in all my planned exercise.  So here goes:

2/6 - 2.45 mile Run (28') still run/walk intervals
2/7 - 40' Gluts & Abs workout for core fitness (and to help with the ITB)
2/8 - Off to celebrate my best friend's birthday (missed a 30' walk here, but spending time with her was well worth the miss)
2/9 -  2.43 mile Run (27')
2/10 - Planned rest day
2/11 - 1.84 mile Run (22') almost the end of run /walk intervals
2/12 - 60' PITAIYO w/ cardio intervals at Lululemon (I love these classes because you have a different instructor each week, and often a different type of yoga or activity.  Nothing like keeping your body quessing.)  This workout deserves it's own blog post.  It was insane, but fun.

Not too bad for a crazy work week and a birthday celebration.  Only missed one walking workout.

6.72 miles
599 calories
1:57 total time
5 workouts

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Run for another reason

How many days do you just go out and run without thinking? Yes, often the run is for you because you need it for your sanity, your fitness, your training plan, any number of reasons.

But today it was for Sherry. A woman I never met. She was a mother, a wife, a runner, a teacher, so many things just like me except for one morning she went for a run and didn't come back home. So, this morning was for her. May God bless her and her family.

Thank you Beth for making sure so many others knew about Sherry.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

T-Rex arms take on a new meaning

I can't believe a friend posted this on facebook tonight.  My tweet from earlier today.

Lesson learned from taking 2 months off from yoga. Can't raise arms above my head (t-rex arms) for two days after chaturangas.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A well deserved day off

My big girl job has left me exhausted and drained. Things are looking up as we have filled several open positions so now I won't have so many hats to wear. And I have been a single parent for almost 10 weeks as my husband has been out of town for training. I have a new found respect for single moms everywhere. So, since hubbie was coming home n Friday and I thought I could wrap up a big project, I planned for today off. And it worked. I do have a hard time completely disengaging from work, so I did respond to some emails, but no phone calls. Baby steps for me.

So what did we do on our day off? The boys slept in until 9. I can't believe monkey, who is 4, slept that late. He did stay up to watch the entire Super Bowl. I had a nice breakfast and read while they slept. Hubby and I chatted while he ate. Monkey made himself breakfast because he is mister independent these days, and then played with race cars. Hubby went to check out a new school for monkey to make sure we are in agreement, and yay we are.

Then I went for my short run. 28 minutes and no ITB pain. It is hard to get my steps per minute up. My max for this run was 174, but I was closer to 166 for much of the run. Who knew 180 was so hard to achieve?

I also treated myself to a herbal body retexturizer. It was a Groupon from a local spa. I prefer trigger point therapy but this was great for my dry skin.

And finally on tap for the day was a quick nap at hubby's insistence. Not a bad day. I should do this more often.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

10K Training, Week 2

The second full week of 10K training is done. I did much better this week with getting all training in. 3 run/walk intervals, 1 walk, and 1 day of dedicated strength training. I also did well with extra glut strengthening and foam rolling.

My goal on my steps per minute is to get as close to 180 steps per minute as possible. I hover between 170-175 when I run by myself, street or treadmill. I did not have the same luck running with the group today. I started near the back of the beginner group and the pace was too slow. According to my watch, I was right around 160 with almost a 12 min/mile pace. Too slow to even get my legs stretched out. I was finally able to get closer to the front and work on the turnover rate. Who knew running was going to be so difficult? I have to say, times like this make me wonder why I don't give up running for something that isn't so difficult to do without pain, but I do love it.

This is my third year with the same running group. My frieds that I drug along are now in the intermediate or advanced group with the advanced group running 6 miles today, almost the full 10K. I am so proud of how far they have come. It seems like only yesterday that they were cursing me for making them do this.

Hope this week is just as easy to get the training in now that my husband is back from his 10 weeks of training. I even get to start back with Lululemon yoga tomorrow. I have so missed that dedicated hour of stretching/relaxing.

HOpe you have a great week too.