Saturday, February 25, 2012

5K Recap

I ran my first 5K since 2004 on Saturday.  It fit in perfectly with the mileage for our 10K training and it was for a great cause.  The sponsor was a local group who helps child abuse vicitms.  Since it was a flat course, I thought it would be great if little dude ran the 1 mile kid's run.

So we bundled up.  I swear that it felt like the winds were 40 mph, but maybe they were closer to 30 mph.

Little dude did great running his mile at 14:01 with some help from Dad.  He stopped to walk 3 times which I thought was terrific for a 4 year old.

My time was 32:30 which wasn't bad since I was working harder to keep at the right cadence than anything else.  My first mile was too fast and I started feeling some discomfort at my hip, so I slowed it down and focused on my turnover.

1 mile: 10:02
2 mile: 10:37
3 mile: 10:32
0.14 mile: 9:41
Average: 10:22

If only I wasn't freezing or at some points running tilted to one side.  It was an adventure. 

We took some shots when we got home and had thawed slightly.

The family that foam rolls together, stays together.  All in all, we had fun and hope to do it again when it is warmer and less windy.

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