Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week Recap 2/20-26

2/20 - 2.01 mile Run (21') and survived in a regular bra. Need to start double-checking my gym bag.
2/21 - Skipped this two weeks in a row. I must take better care of my butt.
2/22 - 2.01 mile Run (21') with a consistent cadence. I WILL figure out how to get this cadence thing down.
2/23 - 2.52 mile Walk (45'). Should have been outside for this one because the weather was gorgeous, but didn't leave work earlier enough to be in daylight. :(
2/24 - Planned rest day
2/25 - SCAN 5k 3.14 mile Run (32') awful wind and a three lap course weren't great, and the ITB wasn't happy at the end. But great cause against child abuse and my little guy ran is first one mile race. Made it all worth it.
2/26 - 60' Intermediate Yoga for Runners video. Oh my gosh. Tough lunge series, but just what I needed.

Only one missed workout, but must get those strength exercises in this week.

9.68 miles
809 calories
3:00 total time
5 workouts

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