Monday, February 6, 2012

A well deserved day off

My big girl job has left me exhausted and drained. Things are looking up as we have filled several open positions so now I won't have so many hats to wear. And I have been a single parent for almost 10 weeks as my husband has been out of town for training. I have a new found respect for single moms everywhere. So, since hubbie was coming home n Friday and I thought I could wrap up a big project, I planned for today off. And it worked. I do have a hard time completely disengaging from work, so I did respond to some emails, but no phone calls. Baby steps for me.

So what did we do on our day off? The boys slept in until 9. I can't believe monkey, who is 4, slept that late. He did stay up to watch the entire Super Bowl. I had a nice breakfast and read while they slept. Hubby and I chatted while he ate. Monkey made himself breakfast because he is mister independent these days, and then played with race cars. Hubby went to check out a new school for monkey to make sure we are in agreement, and yay we are.

Then I went for my short run. 28 minutes and no ITB pain. It is hard to get my steps per minute up. My max for this run was 174, but I was closer to 166 for much of the run. Who knew 180 was so hard to achieve?

I also treated myself to a herbal body retexturizer. It was a Groupon from a local spa. I prefer trigger point therapy but this was great for my dry skin.

And finally on tap for the day was a quick nap at hubby's insistence. Not a bad day. I should do this more often.

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