Sunday, March 23, 2014

So where have I been?

My Fall marathon didn't happen. I had what I thought was a great second 20 miler, but it fell apart in the form of patellar tendinitis and ITBS on my good knee. I think I dodged and jumped too many puddles on that long run. I tried aggressive PT, but it just wasn't to be.

At the same time, my dear Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. He is doing great now, but it has been a difficult winter with multiple hospital stays and lots of road trips back and forth for me.

And then there was the Polar Vortex. Missed school days, too cold icy conditions just made the running option not a good for me.

So I'm calling a do over.

I've gotten in 3 runs and 2 strength training workouts per week for the last two weeks. I'm up to running 5 miles without pain (fingers and toes crossed).

I'm running the Monument 10k on Saturday with my long run being 5 miles, so no goal like last year's awesome PR. Just running smart and healthy before heading to a work conference across country later that day.

And that 5 mile run, I wasn't smart and ran yesterday when it was 70. I waited until today where the the high was 49 with midday run. I should have had plenty of time to beat the rain. Why do I believe forecasters? The rain started in earnest even before my halfway point. I sucked it up and finished strong with NO puddle jumping. Wet feet are better than knee pain any day. I ran a little faster than I wanted to by a minute per mile too fast. Oops.

And here's the wet look proof. Glad I had another layer on over my Tough Chik long sleeve.

And the reward to warm me up from the inside. The temps dropped 10 degrees while out there.

And then my dear hubby surprised me with these from Carytown Cupcakes. Oh, I love cupcakes but I certainly didn't run far enough to justify even one of these.

Here's to another week. Here we go!