Sunday, October 13, 2013

I don't know what week it is.

I had a near perfect running week, and didn't have time to write about it thanks to work craziness. And a random pain starting on Monday that made me have amnesia.

So I need to focus on the good.

I had a great tempo run earlier in the previous week (5 miles at marathon pace). The bike trainer went well, then I screwed up my watch for my speedwork. I got frustrated and just made up a workout. Needless to say, it wasn't my best run.

I put off getting my flu shot because I usually feel yucky for about two days after, and I needed a root canal this week. Oh boy, this week was going peachy keen.

The big question was how was 20 for the second time going to go.

I had an awesome running buddy for the entire 20. It misted rain almost the entire which wasn't bad because it helped break the humidity. The coaches were nice to us And my brain didn't turn to mush at mile 18 like last time. And I remembered to leave my watch on, so the trusty Garmin really said 20 miles this time.

Just realized that I hide the marathon option when I set up Garmin Connect because I would NEVER run a marathon. Whoops, time to change that setting.

How would I rate the run?

Well, maybe not exactly.

But I was able to move better after this one. I even took Little Dude to the Fall Festival at his old school. Now, I wish I could have moved like this, but that just wasn't gonna happen.

More later on how I recover from these long runs.

Anyone else feel not so good after getting a flu shot?

Felt bombdiggity lately?


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