Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How did I get to week 17?

Or more importantly, did I survive the tooth escapade and 20 miles?

The answer to both is yes, but what a week it was.

When this is in your reality, people might think you are nuts.

And the answer to that is definitely I am nuts. And yes, I did wear my socks in the ice bath for two reasons. The most important was that I couldn't even bend over to take them off after that LOOOONG run and I thought it might be a good buffer from my always cold tootsies. Overall, I didn't have enough ice, but I think the torture session helped.

I'm not gonna lie. 20 was tough. The coaches advised me to maybe only try for 16-18 after missing the long run, but I had my running peeps and I really wanted to knock it out. I had a backup plan if the wheels fell off to cut the run short. The problem was that the wheels stopped talking to my brain the last mile and a half.

So the good was: I had awesome people to run with; I didn't find myself starving at mile 15 because I ate a Chia Bar (Chocolate Peanut Butter) and it had just the right amount of protein to ward off my grumbling stomach; and I did 10 of these miles at race pace.

And the bad: I did 10 of these miles at race pace (what was I thinking); Westham Climb for way too long at the halfway point (are the coaches trying to kill us); guess my form was shot because I set my ITB on fire at the end; and my brain could only process right, left, right, don't get hit by a car for the last 2 miles.

But it's done until a week and half where we do it again. Can I really run for another hour after completing 20? I think I can, but I have got to work on my mental toughness. I'm missing out a mental prep workshop tonight. Hopefully a teammate can pass along the Cliff Notes.

Before the 20 miler, the rest of the week went really well. The tooth escapade might have put me into forced rest that my body needed (just could have used more sleep).

I managed one cross-training day and two great runs. And a whole lot of sushi with a side of rice for my second cross-training day. I completely agree with Kathryn on the eating 24/7 thing.

And I'm loving my new Sweat Pink shirt. More on Sweat Pink soon. Please ignore the red pink face.

Do you eat more than Gus, gummies, pretzels, etc are on your long run?

What are mental tough mantra, tips, cues, etc for these long runs?

I'm starting Mile Markers next. Any other book recommendations for motivation?


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