Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 18 - Holy moly, we are getting close

I'm a little freaked out that when I look at my training plan on the screen, I don't have to scroll to see 26.2. This means this marathon will be here before I know it.

Training was overall good for the week, with a few modifications. Hubby's work schedule has gone haywire, so I fit in what I can. Overall, I gave up a cross-training day for sleep. 7 miles on the bike on Monday did feel great after 20 on Saturday. The plan called for 10 for the mid-week run. I stopped at 8 because the hip and knee started talking to me. (I am starting to listen to my body, finally). I also missed the speedwork due to hubby's schedule but squeezed in a quick 3 around my son's school before pickup AND I did runner's core workout when I got home. It's all about compromise sometimes.

The long run being 12 was a welcome relief. I had about 1.5 miles where I was by myself and purposefully did not catch up with the group in front of me. I was trying to stick to the slower pace on the plan (give myself a B- on that), so I spent some time thinking about what mental tricks I needed in my toolkit. I have to say that I relaxed, went MY pace and enjoyed the quiet. When I got to the SAG, I got a great compliment from one of the coaches on how relaxed and refreshed I looked. Exactly what I needed to here on a rollback week.

So all in all, a good relaxed week before another 20 miler. Oh boy and a foam roller! Hurts so good.

And we wrapped up the rest of my recovery week with a trip to Busch Gardens. Easy peasy walking and seeing the scary sites. Made this little guy happy.

I finally created a Facebook fan page but haven't had the time (or brain power) to figure out how to get it linked to my blog. I'm thinking it might be time to switch blog layouts to something more user friendly. So in the meantime, here's the link to Run Jilly Bean. Hint, hint, go there now and like my page. Pretty please!


Any advice on blog layouts/design? I'm still on blogger, and hate to convert since I don't have a lot of time to devote to it? What's easy and works for you?

Do you have a Facebook fan page? If so, leave me a comment so I can check it out.

Do you love or hate your foam roller?


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