Thursday, October 10, 2013

I bagged a workout

It was a cross-training day. So here's my excuse.

Remember my tooth nightmare, I would rather forget it, but evidently I needed a root canal. That was the source of all my pain. And I'm scheduled to get my crowns placed next week, so I was lucky enough to go in and have a root canal this week. I wouldn't even get a flu shot for fear of messing with my 20 miler, and here I am letting a dentist mess with my mouth and persnickety TMJ for an hour. Sure why not.

Normally, they give me Valium to keep my TMJ at bay (really because I'm a wuss), but I didn't have anyone to drive me today so I sucked it up. I have to say that my dentist was awesome.

I was supposed to bike but I just bagged it. Cold, rainy, jaw a little achy (I could almost write country music), so I put the sweats on and didn't sweat. I'm really glad I didn't have to run tonight and I should be fine for Saturday.

Except for this.

We have been so lucky this training cycle with rain that I could avoid. Will Karen just go away?

Doesn't she know we have 20 miles to run?

And because I need all the motivation I can get, I came across this quote earlier this week. It spoke to me because when November 16th comes around, it is all up to ME! I've got this! Right?

What are your tips for getting through a soggy, long run?

What illnesses, etc. cause you to skip a workout?


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