Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week Recap 2/6-12

I am trying to hold myself more accountable for getting in all my planned exercise.  So here goes:

2/6 - 2.45 mile Run (28') still run/walk intervals
2/7 - 40' Gluts & Abs workout for core fitness (and to help with the ITB)
2/8 - Off to celebrate my best friend's birthday (missed a 30' walk here, but spending time with her was well worth the miss)
2/9 -  2.43 mile Run (27')
2/10 - Planned rest day
2/11 - 1.84 mile Run (22') almost the end of run /walk intervals
2/12 - 60' PITAIYO w/ cardio intervals at Lululemon (I love these classes because you have a different instructor each week, and often a different type of yoga or activity.  Nothing like keeping your body quessing.)  This workout deserves it's own blog post.  It was insane, but fun.

Not too bad for a crazy work week and a birthday celebration.  Only missed one walking workout.

6.72 miles
599 calories
1:57 total time
5 workouts

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  1. Woohoo you're doing the Monument Ave 10K, I did it last year for the first time and had fun.

    I just found you through that blogger database that 2slow4boston set up. Small world, I live in Richmond too!