Saturday, February 4, 2012

10K Training, Week 2

The second full week of 10K training is done. I did much better this week with getting all training in. 3 run/walk intervals, 1 walk, and 1 day of dedicated strength training. I also did well with extra glut strengthening and foam rolling.

My goal on my steps per minute is to get as close to 180 steps per minute as possible. I hover between 170-175 when I run by myself, street or treadmill. I did not have the same luck running with the group today. I started near the back of the beginner group and the pace was too slow. According to my watch, I was right around 160 with almost a 12 min/mile pace. Too slow to even get my legs stretched out. I was finally able to get closer to the front and work on the turnover rate. Who knew running was going to be so difficult? I have to say, times like this make me wonder why I don't give up running for something that isn't so difficult to do without pain, but I do love it.

This is my third year with the same running group. My frieds that I drug along are now in the intermediate or advanced group with the advanced group running 6 miles today, almost the full 10K. I am so proud of how far they have come. It seems like only yesterday that they were cursing me for making them do this.

Hope this week is just as easy to get the training in now that my husband is back from his 10 weeks of training. I even get to start back with Lululemon yoga tomorrow. I have so missed that dedicated hour of stretching/relaxing.

HOpe you have a great week too.

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