Monday, March 12, 2012

Week in Review

3/5 - Planned Rest
3/6 - 2.01 mile Run (21')
3/7 - Gluts & Abs (40') & Elliptical (10')
3/8  - Unplanned rest - too much work and family in town visiting
3/9  - ACC Basketball - I got some exercise jumping around in front of the tv
3/10 - 4.1 mile run (46') - horrible run, lots of hills, couldn't find my cadence
3/11 - Lots of stretching and some push ups

6.1 miles
956 calories
1:57 total time
3 workouts

What went well:  Made the choice to do the strengthening rather than logging the miles.  I must do this to get stronger and keep the pain away.
What went wrong:  The long run sucked.  I know 4 miles is not long for most runners, but this is baby steps for me.  I need to learn when I can't get my cadence to realize it's okay to walk and reset what I'm doing.  I think if I can do that, I can run longer without stressing my ITB.

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