Sunday, January 20, 2013

Frostbite 15k 2013

Why is it when you have actual content to blog about, you don't have time to blog? So, lets see what I can do to get back on track.

What does any sane person do when they are missing their long run due to be out of town? They sign up to hit a new long distance at a race. Why not? We headed down to Chapel Hill on Saturday to watch the TarHeels beat up on Maryland. Go Heels!

I talked my running buddy to sign up for this with me. She has already ran one half, so no new mileage milestones for her, but she is awesome for playing along. My other buddy picked up my race bib for me. Since the race was only a 9.3, I planned on meeting L a little early so we could warm-up and I could hit 0.7 miles. I AM OCD, but I really wanted to hit the magic 10.

Let's do this.

Warm-up 0.75 miles/7:36

It was chilly but not too cold and bonus for the gym being open so we could stay warm. The course is an out and back, and take note, not my favorite thing for a 9 mile course. Somehow I forgot some of the hills we ran down on the way out. How do you like that foreboding?

They were rolling little inclines, but were tougher than I thought. My goal was to run this closer to 10 min miles since I am inching up the mileage. Did I meet that goal? Fail.

I told L to go at the turn-around because I knew she was cruising along. I felt good, but didn't want to push this. With the exception of mile 6, I stayed pretty consistent in the 9:40s.

And a race picture I may actually buy, for a race that I didn't race. I love that big cheesy smile, because everything is clicking.

Overall results: 1:29:58

10 miles was tough, but I've got this. 11 for this weekend, if snow doesn't shut the city down.



  1. Great job! I love 15Ks. You don't have to feel like you are sprinting like a 10k, getting into a rhythm, but it isn't as hard as a half. Nice way to break into the double digits!

    1. Thanks Lisa. Glad there wasn't more bite to this Frostbite. Just the right temp and hills .... I guess.

  2. Bet that feels good! That smile while your running looks good - definitely a keeper race photo.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. Feels great to be running healthy and happy.