Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting things done

I did something crazy today. Several weeks ago, I planned a day at home so I could study for a certification test for work. I needed to read a book and some scintillating government documents, and take a practice test.
Fascinating day, I know.
We started the day with blueberry overnight oats. It was not a hit with the 5 year old, but I thought it was a good change to the breakfast menu. I want to try the peanut butter banana version next. And I liked the chia seeds, my first experience with them. I guess back to regular oatmeal or yogurt for the little dude.
Then, this was my seat for most of the day. Not a bad spot to spend a rainy day, just wish it was a book of my choice. Maybe next time.

I did plan a mid-day break if I had a productive morning. I am the worst procrastinator, so I looked up fitness classes last night. I found a noon yoga class, and set that as my reward.

I headed out in the rain and got there early enough to walk half of a mile at 4%. And I spotted Neon Blonde Runner at the gym, so bonus celebrity sighting. :) This was first yoga class with this instructor, and it was a great gentle class with lots of good cues. I need to find a way to make it back to another noon class on a Monday or Wednesday. She did give one cue that Beth at Shut Up and Run loved.

I finished up with another half a mile to make a mile towards #TeamGiraffe in the #ChillyChallenge.

I did manage to have a good rest of the afternoon. Reading done and practice test completed. Now to sign-up and get this monkey off my back.

How was your rainy Monday?

Oh, and I did finally sign up for the local Frostbite 15k for this Sunday. I'm missing the 10 mile group run on Saturday for a surprise I will share later, so this is the next best thing. I will sneak in another 0.7 before so I can tackle my first 10 miler. Hope the shirt is frosty cool.


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