Friday, September 28, 2012

Oh week, where have you gone?

This week has flown by because I was in a training class all week for work. I spent most of last weekend prepping for a crazy week. Luckily hubby was in town more this week, and could help juggle the pick-up and drop-off of Little Dude. Instead of my usual 3 mile commute (I know, whine, whine, whine), I had to travel to the other side of town in morning traffic. I can't imagine traveling in traffic every day. My hubby has to drive 90 miles each way every day, often in heavy traffic. I have no idea how he manages that. I would go ape crazy.

So, now back to the week recap.

Last Saturday's group run was a mentally tough run. I was looking forward to 5 miles with the ladies. I wasn't worried about the mileage, and was looking forward to the company since I normally run alone during the week. When I got there, it was only a group of 5 runners with 1 coach. One speedy runner that is normally 30 seconds to a minute faster pace per mile than me, me, then the rest of the pack who are normally 1-2 minutes/mile slower than me. I refer to the first girl as jack rabbit. She is so sweet, but I knew it would not be smart to stick with her. I have a healthy ITB and want to keep it that way. But, I couldn't go as slow as the rest of the pack and keep my cadence where I wanted it to be. So, solo it was.

The course had some strategically placed inclines (hills when you are tired or struggling). I think running it on my own when I thought I was going to have others to chat with just made it tougher.

5 miles/50:15/Pretty consistent pacing ranging from 9:53-10:17 minute miles.

I wish I hadn't volunteered to push mow our lawn because my legs were toast after the run and the mowing.

The rest of the week went like this.

Great run with BF AK on Monday while I vented about hubby.
3 miles/30:57

Horrible, terrible, awful, solo run on Thursday. It was 86 degrees (so hotter than the last several runs). I picked a hillier route than normal to get the mileage, forgot to start my watch at in intersection (so probably added on 1/2 mile), & was racing to finish in time to pick up Little Dude. I ended up taking several walk breaks to drink. My heart rate was soaring and I couldn't get my pace slower. I was tempted to stop at 2.5 and switch runs with the next day. I decided to push through because I wasn't sure if I would have time for 4 on Thursday. Glad I pushed through because the 2nd half was better than the 1st.

4 miles/40:44/Just glad it was done.

Had time for one more run on Thursday. Quick run with AK, definitely better than Wednesday's run, but not awesome. I spent more time stretching and foam rolling that running, but made me feel good afterwards.

2.5 miles/26:01

At least I'm consistent with my pace, but I need to slow down on long runs? Any advice on how to accomplish this?

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