Saturday, September 8, 2012

Longer run

Today's schedule called for 4 miles with "my ladies." Well that's what my 4 year old calls them. This was my first run with my running group for this training cycle.

It was a smaller group than normal and we quickly spread out across our different paces. One speedy girl took off with a coach on her heels. I fell in with a girl normally in our half-marathon group, but she has been out sick for over a week so she scaled back this week.

The pace was a little slower than I am used to, and it was good for me a little bit but I couldn't keep my cadence up at this pace. The first two miles were a minute slower than my regular pace.

One of the coaches caught up with my partner who was struggling at over two miles with a stuffy head. I went ahead at that point to get my cadence back on track. I finished strong with an uphill, and then some zig-zagging through the parking lot to get 4 miles (somehow the course was short or maybe I missed a turn). Wish I wasn't so OCD about exact mileage.

After some stretching and chit chat with the ladies, I headed to Starbucks to redeem my birthday drink. I splurged on an iced salted caramel mocha (skim milk with no whipped cream because even I couldn't take that much). Yum, but too sweet overall.

Then, my bestie took me to redeem a groupon for a massage (more delayed birthday celebrations). The massage was relaxing, but wish they room was warmer and he did more trigger point work. Next time!

We ended the morning/early afternoon with a pedicure. Spoiled, I know. Meanwhile, my boys were out on the trail. Hubby took little dude on his first mountain biking ride, and they had a blast.

I raced home to grab some fish tacos and watch some football. Unfortunately, both of my teams lost. Better luck next week for the Tar Heels and the Auburn Tigers. Hubby then sent me upstairs for a little nap during the rainstorm. Overall, a great low key day with lots of pampering.

And one more day in the weekend. Yay!


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