Sunday, September 16, 2012

Long run with crazy GPS

So I set off Saturday morning with my running group to knock off 4.5 miles. Since it's only my second week running with this group, I'm still trying to figure out which part of the pack to be in. With all my ITB issues, I have really tried to stay away from the front because I know I am my worst own enemy with keeping up with others. I started off with the same girl from last week and we slowly cruised along for the first two miles. Then she told me to go ahead and catch up with the group just ahead of us because she wanted to drop back a little. I was feeling great, so I sped up a little to join them. We were chatting and easily making progress. We hit a stoplight at mile 3 and I paused my Garmin.


And then it went haywire when the light quickly changed and I tried to start it again. No luck, it was paused and it wasn't budging. It's done this one other time and the only thing that I found to reset it was to wait a few minutes and try to hold two of the buttons at the same time. Since this was my long run (and I'm so OCD), I pulled out my phone to use one of the running apps on it. It was fast to start and I put it back in my pocket for the rest of the run.


And then we missed a turn because most of the roads on our route are some version of Place, Drive, Way, Trail. You get the idea. We got to where we thought we should turn but it didn't match the queue sheet, so we went ahead. And then realized we should have turned already. Luckily, we just missed a loop, so we did an estimated out and back on that road to make up the mileage. We were all laughing as we headed back to the start.


I was a little afraid to be running without my Garmin to tell me my cadence or pace. Everything is feeling so well right now, I don't want to screw anything up by trying to keep up with speedy ladies. But the end of the run came, and I felt great. No pain, just some tight quads later in the day. Just a sign of a good workout. :)

So, I finally got the Garmin to reset and this is what it said.


Okay, so it kept the mileage in memory and just kept tracking time before I got it to reset. So when I clicked on the activity, this is the craziness I got.

So, I now biked 3337 miles in 149 hours. I wonder what cosmos the satellite pinged off to get this reading. What's even crazier is that is still kept some of my lap data.

I told you were slowly cruising for the first mile or so. When I added up the numbers I remembers from my Garmin + the other app, I ended up with around 4.8 miles in 47 minutes. Oh my Lord. I went way too fast the last mile and a half, but it felt great.

Here's hoping for less Garmin craziness the next time.


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  1. My garmin goes crazy sometimes too. Great run though!!!