Sunday, October 7, 2012

Recap of Sep 29 - Oct 7

Please excuse the catch up but pardon the pun, but I am having trouble catching up.

We knew this was going to be a crazy week because we were heading out of town over the weekend.

Saturday's run of 5.5 flew by because I had a partner with the same pace. Easy run after last week's struggle.

5.5/1:01:54/11:15 pace

Monday was a little time on the treadmill. It looked like it was going to pour before my run, but of course didn't since I ran inside. I needed this run to work on my cadence, so it was a good reset.


Wed - Sweaty run. I thought Fall was coming. I was happy with the slower pace.


Sat - We headed down to Chapel Hill to watch the Tar Heels beat up on VA Tech. It was the little guy's first trip to the Hill. It was a gorgeous, but hot day (83 degrees). When we woke up the next day, it was 30 degrees colder and rainy. We did a little more sight-seeing before heading back home. But oh boy, my glut was sore from all the hill walking.

I did finally make it out the door to get in 6 miles (hopefully before it got dark). I scoped out a zigzag route through the neighborhood so I wouldn't be too far from home depending on the darkness. The first 4 miles were fairly good, the fifth was tough, and the sixth was miserable. I should have stopped at 5 if I had known how my ITB was going to feel Monday morning.

6/1:00:05/10:00 (Maybe that too fast pace had something to do with my pain)

Stay tuned for the Monday report.

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