Saturday, October 13, 2012

Say it ain't so and longest run yet

I started to feel it Sunday night, but kept thinking no. This isn't happening. My ITB isn't hurting.

And then I woke up Monday morning unable to walk normally down the stairs. I had to side-step because bending my knee was painful. I started the cycle of icing, stretching, Advil, and wearing my ITB strap.

And magic happened. It worked and my knee felt fine for Tuesday. I decided to try for a run with knowing I needed to stop with the least bit of a twinge. And absolutely NO twinge, pain, or otherwise.

3.5/34:41/10:35 pace

Whew, I am so glad I didn't set my knee off. I was afraid to even think it, but crisis averted. Stay smart and healthy has to be the plan.

My best bud ran with me on Thursday for a meandering path through the neighborhood, but we started a little late and ended up in the dark. Which did not bode well for my bud as an acorn tripped her up and she flew through the air. She landed hard, but escaped without injury.


4.51/48:20/10:42 pace

So then I was on for my longest run EVER, 6.5 miles. It ended up being with my running group, but a solo mission because there wasn't anyone at my pace. I was prepared for this, and have started waiting to turn my iPod after the first couple of miles. The run went better than expected.

And no pain!

6.53/1:06:57/10:15 pace

14.54 total miles


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