Monday, July 1, 2013

First half of 2013

Jan-Jun 2013 2012

Runs 84 135

Miles 467.5 425.9

Avg Speed 6.3 5.8

Avg SPM 174 172

I think half-marathon, and maybe even marathon training, have agreed with me. I've already hit 40 more miles in the first 6 months of this year than I did all of last year.

Considering my first speedier run wasn't until November of 2012, I'm not surprised I've sped up. Not that I'm looking to get any faster as marathon training ramps up, it about getting the miles in at whatever pace happens.

Because the most important thing is to watch my cadence. I love my trusty Garmin because it beeps at me when I get sloppy with the cadence. This instant feedback is what has kept my ITB healthy and happy this last year.

If all goes well, I'm well on track to pass my goal of 800 miles for the year.

I've done well cross-training on the bike two days a week this last month. The strength training needs some extra mojo to happen. I'm getting up earlier to get the bike or run in, but not early enough for more. Gotta work on this one.

And because I needed at least one picture. This was a great afternoon snack.

How is your 2013 shaping up?

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