Saturday, July 13, 2013

11 Hilly Miles

After last week's crazy long run, I thought this one would be worse. A mile longer and the dreaded Riverside Drive.

How's that for a little vertical climbing in the city? The first peak is up one side from a bridge near my house. Yes, I thought briefly of peeling off and leaving my group for a split second.

This photo is looking away from the massive hill. It's a heck of a climb that makes you say "I think I can." in your best Little Engine that Could voice.

The rest of the rolling hills ticked off quickly as my group joked a lot. My favorite banter happened up the last hill as we all were saying what our various body parts were thinking.

Mine - my gluts were screaming "Help me!"

My partner for the day - my calves are squeaking like old hinges.

But we did. Thanks to 3 great water stops, an overcast sky, and thankfully cooler temps.

I thought we even hit 10s for one of the miles, but I guess we sped up enough the rest of that mile. And that last half of the run was much faster than I thought.

The best part, I felt great after the run. Why can't they all be that easy?

I just wish I looked as good as I felt. My new running bud. We bonded over the Ghost 6, and clicked together the entire route.

And what's even better than the best part, the end.

Kathryn and Greg introduced me to the goodness of the Dairy Bar, specifically, the Griff! Yes, I ate a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, and washed it down with a Chocolate Peanut Butter shake. It was worth every calorie ... or hill I ran.

And because I couldn't resist ...


Here's to many more long runs ending in milkshakes.

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