Saturday, July 6, 2013

Long, solo run

I made it. It wasn't pretty. But 10 solo miles are done.

I mapped out this crazy course because there aren't many spots in the shade, and I wanted to be close to the car for water. I'm also super paranoid about running in the safest spots possible. My father-in-law drove me around the other day to map out the safe area, and he even got up this morning to see me off. I did see two runners this morning, but my normal group has 80 members just for our team. I guess not too many runners around these parts.

Lots of loops. I stopped at the car around five miles to get some more water, cool off a bit, add my visor, and call my in-laws to let them know I was okay. They are so cute. I ended up stopping a few more times at stoplights to drink. The humidity reading was 100% when I finished. Please tell me it was wrong, but it felt tough enough. And I was too fast for most of the miles. My goal pace was 9:30 for this distance and heat.

My SAG was terrific, just wish I had some company. And thank goodness for iPods.

This was my view at the end.

One hot, sweaty mess. All smiles because I was DONE!

And this was one of the cute sites along the way. Another reason I'm glad we don't have a girl. I would spend way too much money on this cuteness.

My in-laws took me and little guy to a restaurant in an old Victorian house for a delicious chicken wrap. Then the strangest thing happened. My normally nap-free kid took over an hour nap with me. Love him, most of the time.

What's your longest solo run?

What safety measures do you take running in a different area?

What's your favorite way to recover after a long run?


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