Sunday, July 21, 2013

Marathon Training Week 7

Yes, I know I'm behind. I'm over it.

I headed to NC for the weekend to pick up Little Dude and help celebrate my Mom's 70th birthday. We sort of surprised her we me coming in and a small party at my little sis's house. And I got to spend some time trying to snuggle the little man B in the helmet (if I could steal him from my sister or Dad).
Overall, for the week, I did well with getting everything in, but I was just tired so most workouts happened in the evening. I also got in some core workouts and push-ups, because everything is just weak.

I'm not gonna sugar coat it, another long solo run just sucked. It was only 8 miles but I struggle with these. Let's blame the humidity, 89% again.

At least the scenery was great. I stopped to take a few pictures, and even saw a few things that I had never seen before. Like this great path that connects Reynolda Village to Wake Forest University. The campus was moved from Wake Forest, NC to Winston-Salem greatly in part to influence by the Reynolds Family, hence the close proximity of the two. And that's enough random history for the day.

As a high school student, I spent many hours on this campus studying in the library, because let's just face it. It's much cooler to be on a college campus than anywhere else if you have to study and you are 17.

The above picture is Wait Chapel and tons of construction. I can't believe how much the campus has grown. And below are the front and back of the library I spent many hours in ... I promise Mom.

And below are shots from Graylyn International Conference Center, an estate built in the 20s for the Bowman Gray family. The Grays were famous for Bowman Gray Hospital, Bowman Gray Stadium (NASCAR short track), and leadership within RJ Reynolds Tobacco. I promise, I'll stop with the history.
The pool I so wanted to jump into on the estate.

And finally back to Reynolda House & Gardens.

I love that going back to these places made me revisit some of their history ... even though the run stunk.


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