Sunday, June 2, 2013

Zooma Annapolis - Part 1

Hubby and I headed North on Friday. Well we went South for a split second until I yelled out, "Hey, why are we going South?" Poor hubby was on autopilot. We made it to Annapolis without any trouble, and we had the great idea to drive the course before rush hour hit. Little did we know how nuts Annapolis is on Friday afternoon. Also, the prime comment from the hubs was, "Did a drunk guy lay out this town." Crazy side streets, narrow passages, and odd one ways. It was a little tense in the car trying to follow the crazy map and no Verizon reception.

Not sure about the crazy birds that were all over the sidewalks. The town is cute, but I can't say that I got to enjoy more than a small bit of it. We did make a stop at the Navy Campus Store to buy a present for our good friend who was watching the little monster guy.

I failed to take a single picture of the expo, but I did buy some really cute shirts. And caught up with some awesome Tough Chiks: Katye, Tonia, and Katie.

Hubby bought me the Wonder Woman bike jersey after the race. He is awesome.

I caught up with a Mom"s Run This Town buddy and we caught up with Emma. She has a picture of us at dinner at an awesome restaurant and the hideous bridge (foreboding music here). I highly recommend Osteria 177, and they have a $200 cocktail. Not that I will ever spend that kind of a money of a drink.

Then it was Flat Momma time, and wind down time to get ready for the early time ... In the heat.

Taken before we left because I'm OCD.


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  1. You got a lot of good shirts. I'm sad I didn't get one, but my wallet probably isn't! Maybe those birds are like the fish in RVA? Copy cats...