Monday, June 24, 2013

What's happening?

So, I've been really slack at blogging. Summer is in full swing with pool time, baseball games, a work conference, some mindless reading, and oh, I signed up for another race.

But not just any race, a stinking marathon. I made my best friend K promise me at she would never let me do this after we saw the Shamrock marathoners with such pained looks on their faces in the home stretch. But somehow she failed me, or maybe it was hubby when I casually mentioned that the training team signs up were ending soon and he said to go for it. I mean what is wrong with my support network supporting me right into this insanity.

Thank goodness for new found friends who help with training plans because I signed up for the intermediate rather than novice team. Again, what was I thinking? Kathryn from Run, Eat, Play RVA convinced me that Run Less, Run Faster would be an awesome compromise for the intermediate mileage with cross-training.

So we have finished week three. I managed two sessions on the indoor trainer last week and even got up early before a conference to run.

Just a few glorious sites on my five mile run through the Mall. I was not happy at myself for staying up too late the night before, but this run was amazing.

Not bad for the week, 3 runs (2 at tempo, curses to RLRF for this faster pace) and 2 cycling sessions. I didn't manage to get in a strength session, but that is on the plan for this week. Baby steps.

I'm still scared to put this on my car. Sticking in to the car somehow makes it really real.



  1. Good for you!!!! I can't wait to hear all about your training then of course the race!!!

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. If I can keep my act together with running and blogging, I will be sure to share more often.