Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jelly Bean Virtual Run

Today, hubby and I ran the virtual run sponsored by Run with Jess. Since we just completed the Monument 10K last Saturday, we opted for the 5k. I ran as Jilly Bean, hubby was Mac Bean, and little guy was C. Mac.

Someone wanted to run with us, and had a mini-meltdown when we left. But Grammy came in to save the day. We did have a quick race down to the next mailbox and back, and that helped some.

This is the first run hubby and I have done together in probably 10 years. We clipped along at my slow pace (still working on my cadence), which was easy for both of us.

We finished around 32:30, (two different times depending on whose Garmin you go by). We are huge techie nerds when it comes to stuff like this. Average pace, 10:34, and my average cadence was 87. Somehow, my watch is telling me I only burned 142 calories (14 the first mile, 34 the second). Anyone else have this problem with calories being off?

We are going to try a bike road tomorrow, nice and easy to see if I can get the hang of road riding. Wish me luck. My goal is to keep upright .... simple enough, I hope.

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