Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm a Runner

I was looking at my schedule for this weekend. I wanted to try a community yoga class offered by Lululemon, and it was close to my house. So a crazy thought crossed my mind, maybe I could run to yoga. When I mapped it, it came out to 2.8 miles. I thought, I could do that. Except for a very large hill. And how would I get my yoga mat there because I'm too weirded out to borrow a mat. And how would I get back home because running there is one type of crazy but running back would be insane.

So what does a crazy person do next, casually bring up this idea. To which, my husband threw out every excuse blocking my way. Except the hill because even he can't move mountains (not really a mountain, but you know what I mean). He said, "I'll bring your mat. And I'll pick you up after the class." Well, maybe my idea is not as crazy as I thought.

Then I mentioned it to a couple of other people who were nothing but encouraging. Dang it, now I should probably just do it. I tried to talk myself out of it, but guilt got the best of me. So, I'm glad people knew of my pseudo plan, because that's what actually made me do it.

Yoga class starts at 10:45, but because the class and instructor is popular, I knew I should be there a little early. I left the house at 9:52, and hubby would meet me at 10:30.

First mile 9:37, what the heck? Too fast even for a short run, slow down because there is really big hill coming up.

Second mile 10:15, still fast for me and I did walk a few seconds up the hill when my cadence dropped. But I made it to the top. I stopped to catch my breath and get some water because I haven't mastered running, breathing and drinking all at the same time.

0.53 mile 5:09, little shorter than I thought. And I made it there with time to spare.

Total time 25:02, 2.53 miles, avg SPM 170

Then I had a great yoga class. It was almost New York style (two fingers between mats) because it was so crowded. The instructor had us laughing at the end.

I'm so glad I did this. It's great to break out of your comfort zone. Even if it's so you can say, "Yeah, I did that." The old me wouldn't have had a ITB healthy enough to try crazy things like this. Glad everything is working as it should.

So, what's next? And I know many of you do much crazier things than this, so I don't think I'm tough. I'm just inspired by those I read.

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  1. I was just thinking about running to yoga this week! I thought about the mat thing too but I'd be fine using the mat there (though I do prefer my own). Maybe I'll actually do it next time. I think my yoga studio is less than two miles away. (Oh, and I like your "New York Style" comment. That's EXACTLY how my yoga class in NYC was!