Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To make me smile ...

on this really crappy day, I bought myself a present. It is on sale through today only, so you should buy one for yourself too.

From Inspired Endurance, it's on sale for $25. I hemmed and hawed yesterday when the sale email hit my inbox. But I needed a cheer me up after an abysmal day at work. I am so looking forward to the Shamrock Half, and this will look great on my bracelet that hubby and little dude gave me for Christmas.

And because of work, I missed my run today. Gotta get it done tomorrow.

Disclaimer: I was not in any way compensated for this post. This bead just made me happy, and I wanted to share.



  1. My running buddy and I just got these completely ridiculous things for Shamrock


    Just because. =)

    Love the bead and sorry you had a rough day at work! That is always the pits.

    1. Thanks Kathryn. I love the skirts. We just ordered green Nike ones that are supposed to be in on Friday. I also have this really cute shirt on order. I figure I need to have all the fun I can.

      This work stuff is the pits. I am over the drama, but thankful I have supportive bosses.