Tuesday, June 5, 2012

National Running Day and Missing Mojo

I have lost my running mojo. My excuses are pitiful. I let work, TV, sleep, etc get in the way. I have run twice this week, Sunday and today. My cadence was pitiful both days. Disappointing because I worked so hard, then let it slip away. So there is my awareness.

I made the decision I was going to run just 2 miles, just to get the legs moving. Yes, the cadence stunk, but I was running and it didn't hurt. And as I was heading back, I met a nice neighbor with her two kids and hubby headed out for a run too. And guess what, we both felt better just for getting out. And I know I need to stop using the word "just."

When I got back and realized it was National Running Day tomorrow, I knew the stars had aligned ... or maybe it was Venus to get me back on the running train. I am off to a business trip the next three days, so running may be not be possible but strengthening WILL happen.

I'll let you know what happens.


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