Sunday, August 11, 2013

Marathon Training - Week 10

The number 10 was not a good one for me. The week was humming along (still no core workouts), and I started thinking that "Oh, it's only 10 miles this week. Piece of cake considering the last two great long runs I've had." Cue the Jaws music in honor of Shark Week.

That long run chewed me up, and thank goodness, spit me out. It was hot, humid, muggy, and overall CRAPTASTIC! And I wasn't the only one in my group that felt that way. I'm lucky I fell into stride with another girl around mile 5 and we finished up almost together. Right before we got back to the finish, I had to stop to walk and drink because I started feeling chills. Let the dehydration begin.

And I kept feeling bad for a while. We needed to finish packing for vacation when I got back, and I could hardly move. Everything was just tired. Some food, foam rolling with a brief siesta on the floor, a shower, and I could finally move again. Thank goodness for compression socks, but I needed a compression body suit.

The rest of the week went well. Speed work is humming along. The goal was 4x800 at 3:47. I hit the first one at 3:39 (whoops, too fast), then the next two at 3:49, and finally finishing up at 3:47. Thank goodness for treadmills because I'm not savy enough to hit those on a track yet.

Can you tackle speed work on the track?

How do you recover from a CRAPTASTIC run?


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