Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Shamrock Expo

This was my first expo outside of Richmond, and I was getting anxious about the race on Sunday. As I was picking up K from the airport at 2 and I was extremely paranoid about missing bib pickup, so I headed out early to the expo. I walked right up ... no lines = score. There was an awesome rainbow with a pot of gold for photo ops, but no one was around for me to cheese it up. Definitely next time.
The race swag was a drawstring bag in green of course and a short sleeve tech shirt which I forgot to take a pic of yet. The vendor section seemed to get more crowded by the minute ... and I couldn't find what I was looking for. I was on the hunt for a long sleeve, non-tech shirt that showed my love of running. Nothing said "buy me." I was disappointed that most of the women's clothing options from the race booth were down to XS. Boo!
I also was looking for a cool 13.1 sticker, but nothing struck me, and I forgot to buy a bead for my bracelet. I was not feeling the luck at the expo. On my way out, I spotted this tough piece of green that my boys would love.
I was starving and had a bit of time before heading to the airport, so Subway it was for lunch. Would had loved to have something tastier, but wanted to keep a normal routine for the pre-race.
We were lucky that K made her connection after a delay in her first flight, so we did have time to swing back by the expo for her. I did buy a pair of Snuggbuds based on another friend's recommendations. The cord is cloth so less likely to tangle and they don't fall out, or so the claim. I haven't had time to check yet, but I will let you know the verdict.
Then we were off to find somewhere to watch basketball. We needed two screens so we could watch UNC and VCU play at the same time. This was the lovely site we saw on the way. I hope there was a pub crawl going on to help explain this crazy site.

We couldn't hear the games, but did find a spot to watch and carbo-load (via beer) and cheer both teams on to victory.

We finally made it to our room and started prepping for the 5:20 wake-up call. Shamrock Half next up!

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