Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekly Recap

I have to admit that I was still on a bit of a runner's high after last week's great race. This week was crazy busy with work and fundraising commitments so I only got in one run, and of course it had to be on the treadmill. But one run is better than no run.

Courtesy of One More Mile.
The longer the week went, the more I felt those around me were insane. It was one crazy thing to work through after another. It does give me one more reason to enjoy running.

This also made me smile, but now I can't find where I got it from. Facebook I think.

To shake things up a bit, and because I still wasn't sure race was next on the plan, I did a speed interval run on the treadmill. 3 miles in 30' with 6 30 second sprints midway through. I felt good during and after, until the next day. My quads were sore for two days, which made me very happy.

On Saturday, I stalked another training team (found them on FB) and ran 5ish chilly miles with a half training team. There were about 35 people there and most had just finished training for the Richmond Half. I fell right in with a girl running 9:40 and it felt comfortable. We came across a gorgeous landmark I had never seen, the Virginia House.

The crazy thing was the first 3 miles were all 9:38. I am never that consistent, and I was explaining this to a friend exactly at 9:38 am. Should have bought a lottery ticket. Ended up with 4.72 miles in 45 minutes. I will definitely be joining this group again.

I did finally jump in and sign up for my first half, the Anthem Half at Virginia Beach over St. Patrick's weekend. It's a flat course, I have access to an easy training group, and it just felt like the right one to pick for my first.

I spent a little time with my girlfriends and James Bond on Saturday night. I highly recommend Skyfall for the suspense and drool factor. Watching Daniel Craig for 2+ hours doesn't really have a downside (glad hubby doesn't read the blog ;)).

Because of early darkness, a commuting hubby, and signing up for the half, it looks like I will be running a long run on Saturday and a shorter one on Sunday. This will make the week more doable. Still ironing out the training plan, so feedback is always welcome.

I did run a speedy 3.1 tonight (28:42). My fastest 5k time yet, but I'm going to attribute part of it due to the need to pee. But it did feel easy. Still can't believe I have a little speed in my legs.

Well this got longer than I wanted. As I have been in pjs since my shower at 6, it's off to bed. Nighty nite.


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