Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Well hello there stranger!

I'm not even sure where the time has gone, but I sure think a lot has happened. The trick is what can I remember?

The highlights since my last past so long ago:

  1. I finally ran a marathon (Richmond 2014).
  2. My Dad kicked colon cancer in the booty.
  3. Still have an amazing little boy and husband.
  4. Still have awesome friends and extended family who support me in whatever I set my sites on.
  5. A job that I like most days, but challenges me every day.
The lowlights:
  1. A few more injuries to get over, namely a broken arm this past winter in a poor attempt to learn ice skating for cross-training.
  2. Not enough running, but enough to commit to another marathon. I've missed some of my must do races (Monument 10K, Shamrock Half).
  3. .... I'm one lucky girl.
  4. Except I had to cut my figure skating career short.

Yes, after swearing repeatedly during the last 6 miles and for 2 days afterward that I would NEVER do another marathon .... I'm doing another marathon. Only 66 more days to fill you in on that adventure.

What have you done that you said you would never do again?
What's the craziest non-running injury you have ever had?

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