Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Trot 5k 2012

Since we were headed to my hometown for Thanksgiving, I wanted to find a race for the weekend. The Turkey Strut was the perfect option. It was managed by Setup Events, and was well run.

The packet pickup was a breeze Wednesday night. A shirt, a bib, some pins, and a disposable timing chip. Simple and to the point.

Hubby brought me over to the race for the 9 am turkey day start. Parking was easy and we walked across a parking lot to the start. There were two negatives to the overall experience. I lost hubby when I went to the bathroom, and couldn't find him when I wanted to hand him my pullover. Since parking was close, I jogged over to drop my pullover at the car. I didn't see him until the end of the race. He kept looking for teal and I was now in yellow.

Since I didn't know anyone racing, my plan was to run it fast, have a little fun, and get back home to start cooking. I started closer to the front of the pack than I normally do, but was mindful of those around me. There ended up being almost 1200 people running, so a nice size crowd.

The first mile went fast and downhill, 7:56, and I started wondering how long I could keep that pace up. And my heart was also slamming. I must have beginning race jitters. I finally got my HR under control about the time we started uphill. My Garmin says it was only a 211 foot climb, but it felt a whole lot worse than that. Hence the slow down for miles 2 and 3. I even walked a few steps during the third mile because I knew the finish was up hill and my hands were tingling from poor breathing.

I was able to kick it a little at the end and finish strong ... uphill. Who thought that was a good idea? Definite negative for me.

Hubby was waiting for me at the finish (looking for teal) but did manage to snap a photo. My race photo stunk because there was someone in front of me.

Yes, I think that is a heel strike I see. Ughhh!
Overall, I was happy with anew 5k PR by 3 minutes. 25:41 official time. Good for 12th in my age group and 75th woman. Why does the 35-39 age group have to be so competitive? I would have been in the top ten in the AG either direction. I guess us 35-39ers realize we need to get our act together.

After some water and a banana, we roamed around Fleet Feet so I could ogle expensive running clothes. I did buy a tube of Citrus Fruit Nuun to try (okay, but wouldn't buy again). I'm a grape, strawberry lemonade and fruit punch fan.

I did see this awesome sign in the store.

Mission accomplished on a tough course. Now wish I didn't spend the next 5 hours standing in the kitchen cooking and washing. Oh well. Another successful Turkey Day completed.


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